Write On Workshops 

Have a story and seeking advice on how to express your thoughts to page? Get instruction from local and regional authors who have amassed a myriad of storytelling abilities and writing skills. Learn the critical components of the written word, such as research, outlining, editing, revising, organization, and publication. Lengthen your ‘paper trail’ using captivating narratives from various sagacious writers, journalists, and publishers. Wield and weave your words with us at the Stratford Perth Museum!


A Little Bit About Ghosts and Why Everyone Should Write

Date: Saturday, March 11 2023

Time: 1 PM – 3 PM

Supplies: All Included

Project: Paranormal Tales and How to Launch Your Ideas

Price: $20.00 (Click Here for Tickets)

Location: Stratford Perth Museum


Workshop Outline

  1. Warm Up Remarks
  2. A Little Bit About Me
  3. My Books
  4. My Pal Walter and GHOSTS
  5. Why You Should Write!i) The special powers you develop

    ii) How to get started

    iii) The tools

  6. How to Get Started.
  7. Miscellany
  8. Question-and-answer session


Workshop Leader: Ron Finch

Ron Finch was born in London, Ontario in 1942. He taught mathematics and physics and eventually became a Perth County secondary school principal. In August 2017, a month after his 75th birthday, he started writing this first book, Lighting at 200 Durham Street. Since that time, he has published several more books in the Joel Franklin Mystery series. Currently he has over 30 completed unpublished manuscripts in his office ready to be edited. He is currently working on books 44 and 45. He has been a resident of Stratford for the past several years.

Ron Finch’s Published Works and More

What my books are about!

My first 40 books were mysteries.

They are centred around a young hero Joel Franklin and his wife Georgie and their family. Aside from the mysteries he is involved in there’s a family life where there are good times and bad times, funerals, diseases, dementia and cute little babies. Some wonderful moments and some terrible moments. These events move from book to book just as life goes on day by day.

My books reference events that are occurring in the world so course in the books written about 1939 and later the events of the WWII are hovering in the background.

Lightning at 200 Durham

Early 1900s Cocaine and Ice Houses

Sleep Disorder and Stratford’s Famous Strike

Work CampsNB not published yet

St. Mary’s Cement & More