Welcome to The Lost Arts Salon – a virtual gathering space to explore knitting & crochet patterns from yesteryear. We are delighted to share with you a variety of patterns ranging from the 1920’s to 1980’s.

Simply click on a pattern below – and it is yours to freely download, happily create and forever enjoy. 

Be sure to check back often as we add more and more and more and more patterns…..and a bit more. And some more after that..

Please share an image of your completed project and we will add it to our salon gallery! Email image to: groups@stratfordperthmuseum.com

We can’t even handle the coolness factor of this crochet pattern…
Do you love house plants? Cool.
Do you love umbrellas? Amazing.
Do you love the idea of an umbrella holding a plant? Yeah, we do too.

Please, I beg of you – please someone make this (for me, Megan Patterson)…thank you.

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Yokie Dokie Artichokie…

How sweet and lacy and elegant are these yokes? The sweetest.

You need one. You really, really do.

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Oh hi.
Say what?
You’ve never heard of summer gloves?
Well, now you have.

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The cutest handwritten crochet pattern ever.

I mean, sure – I bet those butterflies are pretty darn cute too…

But that handwriting. I die.

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We chose this knitted vest for two reasons:

  1. Our manager of education and programs, Megan Patterson is nearly certain her very talented mum knitted this very same pattern circa 1986. And Peg remembers it was cute.
  2. Doesn’t everyone need a summer sweater vest with built in air conditioned holes? Yes, obviously.

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Classic knitted slippers.

Everyone in your family needs a pair because they are the best.

And you can all laugh and laugh as you do cool slides across the kitchen floor because absolutely nothing is more fun for the family than sliding across the kitchen floor in soft, hand-knit slippers.

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What’s that? Nothing to wear to an upcoming summer wedding? No problem.

Nothing says wedding guest like a crochet necktie. Choose from tweed or plain.

Heck, just make them both!! There is always going to be a wedding to attend…

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Here are a 5 items we think will be perfect to carry in your Crocheted Bag:
1. Face Mask
2. Phone
3. Chapstick
4. Keys
5. A shiny Apple
Bonus Item: Hard Candy

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Quite possibly the best doll knit wear patterns we have ever laid eyes on. Leave it to 1972 to remind our dolls how to rock it on the ski slopes.

Also, why can’t this pattern include instructions to knit in human sizes? We’d make and wear it all!

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