Summer Nights At The Museum

Mad Lips Edition

Ignite your ‘Mad Lips’ food passion by joining us at our new sip & sample event series, Summer Nights at the Museum. Featuring Farm to Table operations and live entertainment, guests will get a true taste of culinary artistry nurtured by local cultural flavours and recipes.

These evening events will showcase our diverse culinary options in our region and celebrate the families that feed our community. This is, in part, aimed to support our highest GDP industry in Perth County, help market local entrepreneurs, and advocate for those who work tirelessly to bring our essential needs to the table. Summer Nights At The Museum is also intended to pair with the Here For Now plays located on our Heritage Trails. Visit their website to purchase tickets or view their seasonal schedule.

Event Date: Thursday, July 25 2024

Time: 5:30 – 9:00 pm

Price: $30.00 plus tax (Click Here for Tickets)

Location: Stratford Perth Museum

This is a licensed event


Guests will be invited to express their passion for food by prompting short performative readings or songs. A sort of ‘sing for your supper,’ but no one will be forced to sing, promise! Poet Pablo Neruda wrote, “I want to do with you what Spring does with cherry trees.” Evidently, food enlivens imagination and we would like to feed some of these creative urges with an open mic for our guests. Additionally, Farm To Table operations will be discussing their products, providing ‘on the palate’ notes, and will share the inspiration behind their establishments in our indoor and outdoors theatres. Local musicians will also be accenting the evening with live music to tease your delectable hunger ‘nodes!’

Tickets Include

Admission to Museum and Exhibits

Live Entertainment

One Liquor Sample

Two Food Samples

Please Note: Guests are welcome to purchase more food and liquor samples at the event

Featured Farm To Table Operations

Lynn River Farm

The Roots Of Lynn River Farm

“My Grandparents had a small farm just outside of Stratford where my Grandma always had a magnificent garden. They had cows, some horses, a small acreage of land and lived what seemed to me a simpler life. My husband and I purchased this land in June 2009 with efforts to fix up the house built around 1836, bring back life inside the barn and in hopes to also try and live a simpler life. We believe in farming as naturally as possible, all our animals have access to outdoors, fresh air and sunshine.”


For more information about their Farm Dinner Tickets, services, and products please visit


The Perth Farmhouse

Our Story

“In 2018, a couple of city escapees decided to give farming a whirl, thinking, “Why not turn this patch of dirt into something fancy?” Eye-rolls and skeptics followed, but armed with determination and a “prove ‘em wrong” spirit, they not only transformed their land into a beautiful farm but planted a flourishing vineyard. They are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind experience, sharing their carefully crafted wines and ciders.

Yep, you heard right – the first winery in Perth County. It wasn’t all sunshine and vineyards, though. Picture these first-gen farmers wading through mud with grape-stained boots, proving that you can cultivate both crops and a damn good sense of humor.

As they raise a glass in their vineyard oasis, they’re not just sipping wine; they’re raising a glass to turning “impossible” into “pour me another.””

For more information about their services, products or to book a Sip & Graze/Goat Social please visit