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A Common Thread - Signature Quilts of Perth County

The Stratford Perth Museum has a unique collection of 24 signature quilts acquired
over the years through donations by individuals or groups who had a direct
connection to their origins. Quilts which have names inscribed in ink or embroidery
are called signature quilts. All of our signature quilts were made in Perth County by church
groups, service clubs, families or groups of friends and neighbours and feature the
names of family, friends and supporters. Many paid a small fee to have their names
included on it.

The collection's earliest quilt was stitched in 1881 by the ladies of the
South Methodist Church in Stratford. The most current  was created in 2000
to commemorate the history of a family in Canada following the arrival of their
ancestors in 1870. Several of the quilts reflect the fundraising efforts of groups such
as the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (IODE) or the Women's Patriotic
Society during the first world war.

Antique signature quilts  are important historical documents that provide
a glimps into the early days of a community. They fall into different categories according to
the purpose for which they were made. Recent exhibits displaying most of the quilts
in the collection yielded valuable and relevant information about many of the

The Museum's collection includes:

  • -World War Fundraising Quilts
  • -Church and Community Quilts
  • -Family Commemorative Quilts
  • -School Commemorative Quilts

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Signature Quilt Collections

Church and Community Quilts

World War Fundraising Quilts

Family Commemorative Quilts

School Commemorative Quilts