School Programs

The Stratford Perth Museum has many exciting programs for school groups this year! Choose from a variety of curriculum-connected programs with customizable activities and content to suit your needs.

We also offer guided and self-guided tours of the museum, as well as our walking trails. School groups also have the option of snowshoeing on our walking trails during the winter months.

Didn't see the program or activities you were looking for? Please call 519-393-5315 or Education Manager Peg Dunnem to discuss creating a new or customized program to fit your needs!

Program Details

2-hour program: $7 per student

Prices may vary for customized programs.

Teachers and chaperones will be admitted for free, and are responsible for their groups at all times. Constant supervision is required.

Teachers and chaperones are responsible for discipline and limiting disruptive behaviour. Please discuss museum etiquette with your class before visiting.

A ratio of 1 chaperone per 5 students is recommended. Please follow your board guidelines.

For more information or to book a program, please contact Peg Dunnem, Manager of Education and Public Programs, at 519-393-5315, or .

Educational Programs

Let's Learn About Pioneers!
Early Settlers of Perth CountyFullarton-Barn Raising-Farm of William Porteus

In this program, students will learn what life was like for early settlers of Stratford and Perth County. They will participate in historical games and activities such as grinding corn, carding wool, and washing laundry by hand. This program includes a craft for students to take home. This works best as an outdoor program, but indoor variations are available.

Program length: 2 hours.

Grade 3

lets go on an adventure

Let's Go On An Adventure!
Introduction to Maps and Orienteering

In this program, younger students will learn how to navigate using maps, and older students will learn to use both maps and a compass. They will participate in interactive games that teach them how to read and examine a variety of maps, and will discuss various map elements and compass techniques. They will then put these new skills to use by following clues around the Museum’s walking trails. This works best as an outdoor program, but indoor variations are available.

Program length: 2 hours

Grades 1 to 8

Let's Talk About Traditions and Celebrations!
Pioneer and Victorian Holiday Traditions
lets talk about traditions

In this program, students will explore different pioneer Christmas celebrations and traditions. They will discuss the history of our modern Christmas celebrations, and how pioneer traditions differ from our traditions today. This program includes hands-on activities and crafts to take home. 

Program length: 2 hours (Available Nov. and Dec. only)

Grades 2 and 3

Printing Fun - Make an Impression

From clay tablets to iPhones, how have our communication methods changed over human history? Learn about the rich history of letterpress and experience this early method of printed communication. This is a one-hour session full of learning and hands-on fun.

Grades 3 to 8


Bookings for this program must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. 

Museum Tours and Snowshoeing

museum tours

Guided Tours

Students will explore the Museum through an interactive tour that asks them to think about how people live and interact with their environment and community, both now and in the past.

Walking trail tours can be incorporated into a museum tour, or are offered as an alternative.

Self-Guided Tours

Student groups accompanied by teachers and chaperones are welcome to explore the Museum at their own pace. An optional Scavenger Hunt is available to help students explore and discuss the Museum’s current exhibits.


Snowshoeing is offered in the winter on our walking trails. This activity is weather permitting. Snowshoeing is offered as a stand-alone activity, but it can also be incorporated into any of the programs we offer. Please contact Education manager Peg Dunnem for more information.

Guided Museum Tour: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Walking trail or snowshoeing tour: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Combined indoor and outdoor tour: 2 hours

Guided tour or snowshoeing only: $4 +HST per student

Snowshoeing + 1 hour tour or program: $6 +HST per student

Museum To Go!

No time to come to us? Fear not, we can come right to your classroom! Some of our programming is available in outreach format at your school. Simply contact Education Manager Peg Dunnem at 519-393-5315 or for details.
Rates will vary depending on the scope of the program.