Our outreach programs connect the museum with the community.  Whether it's through off-site heritage visits with our History Hunters lecture series or on-site engagement to your senior residence or assisted living facility by way of our travelling Curiosity Case - we make our collections, research, expertise and skill sharing inclusive, including those who are unable to visit the museum in person.

For more information, please contact ">Peg Dunnem, Manager of Education and Programs

We've hand-picked a collection of our most curious, fabulous and obscure objects. Seniors in assisted living or long-term care can handle and engage with the objects to stimulate thinking and to spend time sociably with others.

Since the items in the case are rather obscure, seniors don’t have to worry about whether or not they are familiar or remember the objects. Instead they can share their ideas and guesses in a judgment-free environment.

This fun program ignites thoughtful inquiry, oral story sharing and often times, roars of laughter! 

What's in a Curiosity Case?
Each case contains 5 artifacts/objects that relate a to a unified theme.  All artifacts/objects are selected to represent a variety of collections at the museum and to stimulate interest and discussion among participants.  Artifacts/objects can be handled by participants. 
Curiosity Case Themes:

How Does It Work?
A museum educator facilitates the Curiosity Case program on-site at your senior residence or organization.  The suggested program length is one hour and the number of participants should be no more than ten at a time. The program cost is $75.

To reserve/order a Curiosity Case or for more information, please contact ">Peg Dunnem, Manager of Education and Programs.

Each month, the History Hunter Lecture Series delivers a local, historical topic of discussion. Investigating Stratford and Perth County's most fascinating heritage places, people and things, join a special guest lecturer for engaging talks followed by a Q&A and refreshments. 

History Hunter Lecture Series:

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For more information, please contact"> Peg Dunnem, Manager of Education and Programs