John Kastner named new coordinator of Anne Frank House exhibits in Canada

We at the Stratford Perth Museum could not be prouder.

Former General Manager John Kastner has taken on the role of Coordinator of Anne Frank House Exhibits in Canada.

Well done John! The Anne Frank House couldn’t have chosen a better, more capable and caring person for this job. The legacy of the Anne Frank Exhibit is safe in your excellent hands.

We congratulate the Anne Frank House on such a fantastic hire.

John, who recently retired as General Manager of the Stratford Perth Museum, has a long relationship with the Anne Frank House dating back to 2016. The main Canadian Anne Frank exhibit was twice displayed at the Stratford Perth Museum. John Kastner succeeds Anne Frank House staff member Julie Couture, who was exhibition coordinator in Canada from 2008 until 2023.

Levien Rouw, head of international affairs at the Anne Frank House, said: “We see many opportunities in Canada. We are happy that John Kastner will help us to reach out to youth, our main target group, in Canada.”

The Anne Frank House is an independent organisation managing the location where Anne Frank went into hiding during the Second World War and where she wrote her diary. In all, there are four travelling Anne Frank exhibits in Canada, part of a global initiative by the Anne Frank House. Part of the mission of the Anne Frank House is to increase awareness of her life story all over the world in order to reflect on the dangers of antisemitism, racism and discrimination and the importance of freedom, equal rights and democracy; “I am incredibly proud to be part of this important work,” said Kastner.