Become a Micro Buff in this family friendly science program!

USE HANDHELD MICROSCOPES and explore the tiny realms the live beyond the naked eye in our own community. Seek local flora and fauna in a natural scavenger hunt on our adventure trail and wander behind the scenes of the museum collection and peer into the microworlds of artifacts.

Address topics like Biology, Agronomy, Conservation, and Climate Change…

The program would take three primary directions under the microscope:

1) Young scientists learn about microorganisms, cells, photosynthesis, and bacteria on our Heritage Trails;

2) Our attendees are taught the scientific responsibilities in agronomy as it pertains to local soybeans, corn, and wheat farming;

3) With their microscope they discover the behind-the-scenes conservation methods that museums apply to help combat small agents of deterioration that destroy artifacts.

Don’t ‘shrink’ away from this unique opportunity to investigate our region under the lens!

Cost: $8.00 per person (plus tax) and for $10.00 per person (plus tax) you can also gain access to the entire museum.

Duration: 45 Minute Program

Time: 10 AM – 4:00 PM, 7 days a week

Only available through booking

If you are interested in booking please call 1-519-393-5313 to reach the Manager of Education and Programs.

THANK YOU to Our Generous Sponsors, the Ellice Optimists, for making a small idea become BIG!