Haunting Live

Historical Ghost Tour

Take a journey of otherworldly dimensions and respectfully explore the vast array of energies that surround us with Trevor Bishop and Brother Chris from HAUNTINGLIVE PODCAST.

They have both been seen and heard on National TV Shows and Radio stations across North America and their both on Spotify.

Tours will include onsite historical and supernatural anecdotes – some will be catered to the season with some chilling effects; instructions on sensitively engaging the paranormal; using specialized tools and skills in the field; and a question and answer period. If you are below the age of 18, a legal guardian must sign a release form provided on-site before the tour or can be signed in advance by special request via groups@stratfordperthmuseum.ca.

Tickets also provide access to entire museum and light refreshments.

Haunting Live Podcast

Event Date: Saturday, June 15 2024

Time: 8:30 – 11:00 pm

Supplies: All Included

Price: $40.00 plus tax (Click Here for Tickets)

Location: Stratford Perth Museum

HauntingLIVE Podcast

We started in 2010 with the founder of Trevor Bishop and Brother Chris. We started with Investigation locations around the Waterloo Region and in Stratford Ontario, now we cover all of Ontario. We have worked with some top names from the UK and have been seen and heard on TV Shows and Radio stations across Canada. In 2013, we held our own TV show on Rogers TV “Paranormal Around the Region”, where we showcased some hot Paranormal areas in the Region. We’ve been seen on “Paranormal Survivor” Season 1 Ep. 6 where we talked about a house that we lived in that was haunted by three spirits and we got to know them well. In this show we talked about one of the Spirits, Andrew Jackson. We have Investigated about 500 locations in Ontario, one of the oldest locations was Fort St. Joseph, which was the rallying grounds and launch of the first British, Indigenous, and Canadian offensive in the War of 1812. We were onsite during the 200th anniversary of this attack that took place on July 17, 1812.

In 2013, when Covid started, we were not able to visit places so we started hosting a podcast where we have special guests on and discuss their spiritual journey. We have had famous people on the show and others, some from APTN, T&E, Discovery channel including an original family member of the original Conjuring house,

Brother Chris:

I’m 3rd Generation Indigenous and learnt at a very young age that I’m Spiritual. I’m can astral project and am able to travel to locations spiritually and see things happening before they take place, I’m also a Trans-Channeler where I let the spirits use my temple and can communicate through me, when I do this my voice and face changes I do see the spiritual world with my 3rd eye and feel the energy around men when I’m in a haunted place, also looking at photos I can pick up the location with its history. This all started from the age of 6 and found out that being a Spiritual Medium has been passed down through the family, some of whom can be found in photos within the museum’s heritage house. I’m a certified Oracle Reader and work with Angels.

Trevor Bishop:

My first paranormal experience I can remember was around the age of 25 years old, my spiritual journey started later in life although I always had an interest in the paranormal. I began by delving into the technical part of the paranormal tools, learning them and working with them. When we formed our first team I was chosen to be in charge of the technical areas. My passion evolved into recording and analyzing EVP evidence and still is. Since then, I have grown my own experiences in the paranormal field and worked on my senses and can now sense energy by using light energy. I also have a strong sense of clairaudience, which is hearing spirits.