Helping Hands

Fundraising for Local Charities Program

Wood Burning for Charity

Pay $2.00 to get your pyrography design on one of our “Helping Hands” displayed in our exhibit

Half the Proceeds go to a local charity or community service organization featured each month

Other half of the Proceeds go to our Bring the Bus Program that subsidizes school bussing for field trips


We are thrilled to announce our new temporary exhibit for 2023 called “Hands On.” The theme showcases handmade artifacts and their provenance. The content investigates artisanal processes and occupational practices that create with their hands. Throughout the display, there will be multiple activities and forms of engagement for visitors to touch.

One interactive component is called “Helping Hands” where visitors will be asked to pay an extra two dollar fee ‘donation’ in order to take part. Once they have committed, visitors will be provided an engraver’s pen that will etch/burn into the wooden hands that will then be propped on a wall within the exhibit. Half of the proceeds collected from this ‘donation’ will be granted to a regional charity, not-for-profit, or community services oriented entity that has chosen to participate as a partner.

Monthly, there will be a new featured partner that will benefit financially from this ongoing program. Following the four-week cycle, registered partners would be granted a cheque courtesy of the Stratford Perth Museum’s Helping Hands program. Partners will be continually rotated until its conclusion in 2024.

Want to lend your helping hand or be a program partner? 

Call the Manager of Education and Programs at 1-519-393-5315 to learn how.

Current Program Partners by Month


Rotary Club of Stratford


Optimism Place

Information about our capital campaign: In 2022, Optimism Place committed to a large capital build that will more than double the size of our building – 7000sq ft of residential and program space that will more than double our capacity to serve women and their children experiencing violence in Perth County. The need to grow and meet the changing needs of the community have never been greater. At this point, we have raised over 80% of the $5,000,000 dollars that will be required to complete the build, and are now looking to the community to help close the million-dollar gap. Together we can raise the remaining $1,000,000 required to complete the expansion and ensure no woman is ever turned away from receiving the support she needs. For more information on how to support, please visit


The Optimist Club of Stratford


Emily Murphy Centre

Since 1989, Stratford’s Emily Murphy Centre (EMC) has supported safer homes, safer families and safer lives in Southern Ontario. EMC empowers women and children who have experienced violence, providing secure interim housing, counselling, child development programming, practical support, and advocacy.


Wellspring Stratford

A Network of Community-Based Centres

Wellspring operates through a network of centres based in communities throughout Southern Ontario and Calgary.  Each Wellspring centre offers similar programming and services, tailored to the unique needs of the community it serves. Wellspring Stratford is operated under the auspices of Wellspring London and is governed by the same Board of Directors. The Stratford Centre is guided by a Stratford Steering Committee and is responsible for its own funding.  All Wellspring centres adhere to Wellspring’s values, model, and quality review processes.

Our History

Wellspring Stratford first opened its doors in October 2006 under the auspices of Wellspring London and Region.  Initially supported financially by the Quilt Project, Wellspring Stratford has grown to serve the Perth Huron community.  Operated by the Stratford Steering Committee, Wellspring Stratford offers a  warm and supportive gathering place for individuals living with cancer, and those who care for them.