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St. Michael CSS presents
Forged by Fear
A Black Donnelly Tale
by Sam Snyders

Date/Time: June 28, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Admission by Donation

Call 519- 393-5311 for details


A woman and her husband set their sights on a better life in a new nation: Canada. Jim
and Johanna Donelly settle themselves in Lucan, upon the Roman Line, where trouble
quickly settles as well. After some unfortunate run-ins with their neighbours, and an
eventual drunken brawl, Jim becomes a murderer, marring the family’s already dark
reputation. During his imprisonment, Johanna raises strong boys and a strong girl. The
clan is tough and ruthless. For good and for bad, they have the attention of Biddulph
township. Through knuckles, curses and fire, the Donnelly family attempt to reap
respect and carve promise from their new home. On their path, they find things more

Johanna Donnelly Georgia Peacock
Jim/Chorus Ethan Slater
William Donnelly/Chorus Sam Snyders
James Donnelly/Chorus Cameron Terpstra
Jane Donnelly/Chorus Lauren Dafoe
Bridget/Chorus Hannah Sims
Maggie/Chorus Lauren Gracey
Jim/Chorus Ethan Slater
Farrell/Chorus Catherine Lobsinger
Flanagan/Chorus Maia Stephan
Young William/Chorus Mia Cartwright
Registrar/Host/Chorus Abby Sabas
Tommy/Chorus Emma Blowes
Connolly/Neighbour/Chorus Amelia Harvey
Judge/Chorus Madison Rhynard-Scheerer
Understudy Maddox Keller

Trumpet & Keyboard Mr. Garrick
Bari Saxophone Dominic Voros
Alto Saxophone Natalie Green
Clarinet Andrea Masella

Foggy Dew – Traditional
Excerpt from New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak
The Ash Grove -Traditional
Swallow Tail Jig – Traditional
Wild Mountain Thyme – Traditional

Director Sam Snyders
Music Director Dominic Voros
Stage Manager Ellie Longstaff
Set & Props Sam Snyders
Lighting Kelaiah Villalobos
Sound Connor Bennet