Farming Foodies

In celebration of Canada’s Agriculture Day, the Stratford Perth Museum will be hosting local families from the farm to offer their expertise and stories that connect our food to the fields of our community. This year, we welcome Amanda Peer from The Andersons Canada company, and Amanda Hunter, the Worm Wrangler, to lead conversations and demonstrations on local seed to sprout methods, soil science, the equine industry, and offer gardening and agricultural products.

Date: Saturday, Feb. 17 2024

Time: 2 PM – 3:30 PM

Price: FREE but donations are welcome and appreciated

Location: Stratford Perth Museum

Activities, demonstrations, displays, presentations, and light refreshments will be included.

This event is for all ages.

More Information Call 1-519-393-5315

2024 Event Description

Do you crave stories and local food? At Farming Foodies 2024, we are thrilled to host Amanda Peer from The Andersons Canada who will share her professional agriscience practices and national experience in the competitive crop science industry. Thanks to Amanda’s innovation, there will also be a horse bedding experiment conducted to demonstrate effective practices to maintain your horse’s clean stall and health. Our second speaker, Amanda Hunter AKA the Worm Wrangler, has both an M.Sc. and B.S.A. in soil science. She will be providing information on soil care and Vermicomposting with her wriggling sidekicks! Grain samples will be kindly provided by The Andersons Canada and some items will be available for purchase. Grain threshing activity and field challenges will be incorporated into the program for families. Come and Feed your Body and Mind at our Ag Day Event!

Special Guest Speaker: Amanda Peer

As a Perth County Grain & Organic Grain Merchant and a member of the Do More Ag Ambassador Program, Amanda Peer is a skilled professional in marketing the crops of local producers. She is also a passionate equestrian with her horse companion, Caliente, with whom she competes in dressage. Their teamwork has built dexterity, agility, and resiliency to help confront anxieties that Amanda garnered, years prior, in an unfortunate riding accident. She authored, “Giddy Up & Get It Girl” to share her inspiring journey of recovery and fortitude that has led to many successes in the agricultural industry and beyond.

Special Guest Speaker: Amanda Hunter

Amanda Hunter is the Worm Wrangler! She has both an M.Sc. and B.S.A. in soil science! Amanda’s passions lie in exploring soil health and ecology, minimizing contributions to landfill, and sharing about composting with kids and adults. She thrives on empowering people to make positive changes in their community and the environment. Vermicomposting lies at an interesting intersection of soil, environment, community and curiosity. Amanda’s favorite thing to do is teach people about vermicomposting and how they can use it in their own lives to reduce their environmental impact.

Thank you to our kind event sponsors, The Andersons Canada

The Andersons Canada

“The Andersons is a supplier of value-added agricultural products that include grains, white pea beans, edible beans, popcorn, and dry pack grocery products.

The Andersons process and package food-grade products, and ship grain and edible beans to domestic and global markets. Located in some of the richest farmland in the world, the company, originally founded as Thompsons Limited, has built an international reputation for providing top quality products and food-grade grains. The Andersons is proud to carry on that legacy and continue to provide customers with the same high-quality products and services they have come to expect.”

-The Andersons Canada

Annual Farming Foodies Event

To support our highest GDP industry in Perth County we are planning on hosting this event on an annual basis to broaden understanding, and advocate for those who work tirelessly to bring our essential needs to the table.

Each year, we will invite a variety of professionals in the field, who will share their expertise, conduct workshop demonstrations, and provide insight into this fundamental trade.

If you are a local farmer or on-farm processor looking to share your products and stories, we would love to facilitate opportunities for you and your family at the Stratford Perth Museum. Please call 1-519-393-5315 for more information.