June and September 2015 Programs

Due to our upcoming exhibit, Anne Frank: A History for Today, our regular indoor program and lunch spaces will not be available from June 6th to October 12th.

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Education Programs

The Stratford Perth Museum has many exciting programs for school groups this year! Choose from a variety of curriculum-connected programs with customizable activities and content to suit your needs.

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Museum Tours and Snowshoeing

Guided Tours

Students will explore the Museum through an interactive tour that asks them to think about how people live and interact with their environment and community, both now and in the past.

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Let’s Learn About Pioneers!

Early Settlers of Perth County

In this program, students will learn what life was like for early settlers of Stratford and Perth County.

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Let’s Dig Up Some History!

Beginner Archaeology

In this program, students will experience how archaeologists dig up clues from the past to discover how people used to live.

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Let’s Go On An Adventure!

Introduction to Orienteering

In this program, students will learn how to navigate using a compass.

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Let’s Make a Map!

Map Reading and Map Making

In this program, students will learn how to read and examine a variety of maps, and will discuss various map elements.

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Let’s Talk About Traditions!

Seasonal Celebrations and Customs

In this program, students will explore different celebrations and traditions in our community.

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Museum To Go!

No time to come to us? Fear not, we can come right to your classroom!

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