Culture Days at the Stratford Perth Museum

Two Culture Days Activities: Letterpress/Handset Printing and Signature Quilts

All "Types" of Fun: Letterpress/Handset Printing

Ever wanted to visit yesterday-in-today? Ever pondered Letterset Printing's role in YOUR evolution? Here's your place! Now's your time! Visit our Print Shop!

Each hour on the hour, we'll have a brief presentation on history and evolution of print communication.

Then it's your chance to try Hands-on Letterpress Printing.
Come find out what "cut to the chase" means!

Be prepared for all "types" of Printing Fun.
Dress accordingly if you d like to ink-up!!

Saturday September 29th 11am-3pm

What's in a Name?

Is your family’s name on one of our signature quilts? Come in and find out! Chat with the project researchers.

Signature quilts were made by families, neighbors, churches, schools and organizations like the I.O.D.E., to celebrate events and to raise funds.

For more than five years volunteers and staff have been transcribing the thousands of names that are embroidered on our Perth County signature quilts.

On Saturday, several of the quilts will be on display, and all of the transcriptions will be available to search. This event at the Museum also launches the virtual exhibit on our website where you can see all our signature quilts and search your connections online.

Saturday September 29th 1pm-3pm