Starting this week visitors to Stratford will be able to take any Stratford cab to and from cultural locations at no charge.
The initiative aims to make visiting Stratford these destinations easier for people who don’t have a car or prefer to leave their vehicle at their hotel, bed and breakfast or friends’ home. This project is led by the Stratford Perth Museum in partnership with the Stratford Festival, Stratford Summer Music, Destination Stratford and Stratford taxi cab companies.
The process is simple – go to and you will see a list of the Culture Cab locations – the Stratford Perth Museum, all the Stratford Festival theatres as well as the Stratford Festival Warehouse and Archives.
From a desktop computer or iPad, pick the cab company, grab your phone and dial the number.
From a mobile device, click on a number and the cab company of your choice, and you will see a prompt on your phone to call that company. Make sure to tell the dispatcher you are a Culture Cab fare and from that point on – it’s the same as taking a cab – except this time you don’t have to pay.
You can take the cab to visit the museum during the day but also after hours for events such as our Walt Wingfield – The Complete Works series or the Stratford Summer Music concert at the museum this Saturday.
“Getting to the museum can be an issue for people who don’t have a vehicle and it’s common to see people walking out the highway,” said John Kastner, general manager at the Stratford Perth Museum. “It’s a pilot project and temporary but we want to see if free rides appeal to tourists and if so, maybe we can we make this a regular thing.”
Currently, there is no public transit to the museum during the week. On Saturdays and Sundays you can get to the museum via Stratford Transit On-Demand.
All four Stratford taxi companies – Aunt Gail’s Taxi, City Cab, Radio Cab and Stratford Taxi – are on board and two Stratford cabs companies agreed to have a vehicle freshly wrapped to promote the Culture Cab initiative.
“By creatively encouraging in-market transportation solutions that link together multiple cultural experiences, this initiative is a clever and practical way to expand and enhance the visitor experience,” said Zac Gribble, executive director at Destination Stratford.
This idea also fits in nicely with the addition of GO Trains coming to and from Stratford as well as other visitors who come here without a car.
“The Culture Cab is an ingenious idea that will make Stratford’s cultural attractions and neighbouring businesses even more accessible to visitors,” said Anita Gaffney, executive director at the Stratford Festival. “It is the perfect complement to our Stratford Direct bus service.”
The project is live now and will be in place until the budgeted amount for free cab rides runs out.
“It’s a guess but the goal is that this will be running until the end of the Stratford Festival season,” said Kastner.