Summer Picnic Experience

Summertime and the livin' is easy....especially when you embark on one of our incredible picnic experiences. Perfectly curated for all-ages, families, friends, sweethearts or perhaps, a calm getaway just for one. You'll enjoy basking in the picturesque setting on the museum grounds, surrounded by wildflowers, butterflies and singing bullfrogs. Basically, the perfect escape!

Each picnic experience is $20 (+HST). Maximum of 10 participants. 

Picnic Options:

  1. B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Picnic)
    Our BYOP allows you to pack your own delicious bits & bites. We will provide a magical space on either a picnic table placed among our wildflowers or a gorgeous quilt placed wherever you feel it in your heart. We will also provide a fun hands on activity (make a butterfly wand or paint a flower pot) for you to create as a keepsake reminder of your picnic experience.
  2. Biblichor
    A picnic for those who love the fragrance known as biblichor - the smell of old books. This BYOP will bring you under an old shade tree with a picnic table or quilt and stacks of old, perfectly scented books. Each has its own unique scent, sometimes almond, sometimes vanilla, sometimes coffee or chocolate, sometimes a smoky, sweet mixture of the above. Pore over the pages of poetry and prose, read aloud your favourite passages and deeply inhale this all around beautiful, picnic experience.
  3. Cribbage & Croquet
    Two classic games for one classic picnic! In this BYOP experience you can choose a picnic table or a gorgeous quilt placed along the croquet playing field. We will provide one cribbage board & a deck of cards and two croquet playing sets to accommodate a maximum group of 10. Spend the afternoon unplugging, and remembering how fun it is to gather for food, games and fun!
  4. Love Letters
    Enjoy a romantic picnic setting tucked among the wildflowers, singing bullfrogs and swirly-twirly butterflies. Singing bullfrogs will serenade your hearts, as you take in all the beauty this picnic beholds. Your private oasis will also include a typewriter, paper and pen for your words to flow like tiny river streams into the heart of your sweetheart.  (P.S. Love letter writing prompts included)
  5. 45's in the Sunshine
    In this BYOP experience, listen to some of the museum's sweet vinyl collection on a 1970's record player. In pure 70's form, this Sears manufactured, plastic beauty is easy and fun to play tunes and sing along. Set next to flowers, there probably isn't anything better than listening to vintage classics while soaking in the sun!

You chose your picnic option - now what?! 
Easy! Just call the museum (519.393.5311) and let us know what you chose and when you would like to come. We will be sure to have everything magically set-up for your arrival. Payment may be made upon your visit day. All picnics include free admission to the museum.