Museum venue for Ken McGoogan event

October 1, Stratford Perth Museum
Ken McGoogan, Award-winning author and journalist
As part of the Stratford Writers’ Festival, the Canadian author will discuss Dead Reckoning, his most ambitious book yet.
That book delivers a vivid, comprehensive recasting of Arctic-exploration history. Subtitled The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage, the book challenges the conventional narrative, which emerged out of Victorian England and focuses almost exclusively on Royal Navy officers. 
By integrating non-British and fur-trade explorers and, above all, Canada’s indigenous peoples, this work brings the story of Arctic discovery into the twenty-first century by demolishing myths, exposing pretenders and celebrating unsung heroes such as as Thanadelthur, Akaitcho, Tattanoeuck, Ouligbuck, Tookoolito and Ebierbing.
Tickets here are $25/adult and can be purchased: