Early Bird Entries

  In 2009, Sheldon Hahn and his son-in-law Dave Blackburn went on a collector car adventure together. Dave thought it was an opportunity to get to know each other better and share their passion for collector cars… Sheldon was actually distracting Dave for the day. A surprise 50thbirthday party was in the works and it was Sheldon’s job to keep Dave out of the house for the day. So off they went to the Classic Car Auction of Toronto. It was here that Sheldon and Dave both spotted this little beauty; a 1925 Chevrolet Superior Touring car. They were both smitten. So Dave and Sheldon decided to go “halvesies” on the car. It was very exciting for Dave as it was his first time bidding at an auction. Sadly, they were the second last bidders and immediately after the hammer went down, they had remorse that they hadn’t put in just one more bid. But clearly they were meant to own that car. Less than a year later, Sheldon was at an estate auction and there it was, the very same car being offered for sale. This time he made sure he was the buyer, even though it meant paying more that the first time around. Dave is pictured here with the car on his wedding day.