Arctic ice expert Tom Zagon next speaker

The Stratford Perth Museum is excited to announce the second round of presentations for its Summer 2017 Speakers’ Series. The series, which began with Flora Davidson and Meryl Oliver from Parks Canada, complements the summer exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum. Those exhibits include the Franklin Exploration exhibit from Parks Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum; Nanuk’s Journey, an Inuit Art exhibit from the Art Gallery of Ontario. Those exhibits, in turn, complement the Stratford Festival’s presentation of the play, The Breathing Hole. Tickets to the Speakers’ Series are $15 and are available in advance at the museum, via under the Buy Tickets tab or at the door. The next event is Friday, July 14, Stratford Perth Museum Tom Zagon, physical scientist for Canadian Ice Service Tom is Government of Canada expert in the area of environment and climate change who prepared a detailed study on the ice and climatological factors which impacted the historic search for Franklin Expedition. On July 14 Tom will talk about the role of our modern understanding of sea ice patterns in shaping the Franklin Search. Combining historical evidence with satellite imagery of ice conditions has led to a new understanding of the reasons behind the fates of HMS Erebus and Terror. Doors open at 6 p.m. July 14 with Tom’s presentation at 7 p.m. Other speakers this season include …
  • Andrew Hunter, Fredrik S. Eaton Curator, Canadian Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario July 23, Stratford Perth Museum
  • Tim MacDonald, co-founder of the Arctic Research Foundation August 11, Stratford Perth Museum
  • Adrian Schimnowski, CEO and Operations Director for the Arctic Research Foundation Date to be determined, Stratford Perth Museum
  • Ken McGoogan, Award-winning author and journalist October 1, Stratford Perth Museum (part of the Stratford Writers’ Festival)
The Stratford Perth Museum Speaker Series is made possible by a generous donation from Tim and Alexandra MacDonald