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  • Museum venue for Ken McGoogan event

    October 1, Stratford Perth MuseumKen McGoogan, Award-winning author and journalist As part of the Stratford Writers’ Festival, the Canadian author will discuss Dead Reckoning, his most ambitious book yet. That book delivers a vivid, comprehensive recasting of Arctic-exploration history. Subtitled The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage, the book challenges the conventional narrative, which emerged out of Victorian England and focuses almost… Read more »
  • Free school trips to the Stratford Perth Museum

    A grant from the Orr Family Fund, held within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation, means that 200 Perth County students will be able to see some of the amazing exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum this September at little or no cost. The Stratford Perth Museum received a $2,000 grant to offset the cost of… Read more »
  • Arctic ice expert Tom Zagon next speaker

    The Stratford Perth Museum is excited to announce the second round of presentations for its Summer 2017 Speakers’ Series. The series, which began with Flora Davidson and Meryl Oliver from Parks Canada, complements the summer exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum. Those exhibits include the Franklin Exploration exhibit from Parks Canada and the Royal Ontario… Read more »
  • Hear the colourful history of Market Square July 9

    Stratford’s new and massively improved Market Square made its debut on Canada Day 2017 but did you know … An open river once ran right through Market Square … It was once a site for a sawmill, slaughterhouse and of course a market … The man who donated the land to the city insisted it… Read more »
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Watch CTV News Live at 5 p.m. tonight to see a nice segment about the Stratford Perth Museum, which was filmed last week. As part of a new format CTV will be doing the news from the Market Square tonight and our General Manager John Kastner will be on live. CTV Kitchener StratfordON ...

3 days ago

The Stratford Perth Museum

A great weekend at the Stratford Perth Museum as we were the venue for the wedding of Angie and Ben. We are so happy for them and glad they had a great day - what a great couple!
And one of the guests sent us some drone photos and we have included a couple of them here - thanks so much!


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thank you for everything - it was the perfect venue! we had the best day.

It looks perfect!

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What a gorgeous day for a wedding! It's September. Congratulations to Angie and Ben. The museum is so proud to be the venue and part of their special day. ...

What a gorgeous day for a wedding! Its September. Congratulations to Angie and Ben. The museum is so proud to be the venue and part of their special day.

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